Important update about Project CT

Hello fellow CTzens,

Back in march or something like that I announced that I would be making on an Initial D-inspired manga with a few CTzens in it. I thought this would be a great idea after I suffered from I massive drawing ‘depression’ starting from February the 9th, I thought I would cheer me up and re-spark my confidence in my drawings and my love for drawing, and it certainly did. I had a lot of fun working working on Project CT and every time I could think about something it was ideas about Project CT. After a while the drawing depression started to haunt me again and lost confidence in my drawing and writing once again, so I kept postponing it but never really worked on it and ending up with only one chapter worth of story and a cover.

Currently I feel like it just too much of job for me and that the end product wouldn’t look like I want, hence why I’m cancelling it for now but I might end up working on it in the future. I’m sorry to disappoint all of you who where exited for it.

A massive thanks to all of you who helped me with Project CT and I hope you understand my reasons for cancelling it.

B. Meijer