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Car Art

#SuperSedanChallenge The GTL Aurora.

                      The GTL Aurora. - Car Art
                      The GTL Aurora. - Car Art

Twin Turbo 3.7L V6/ N/A 5.0L V8. | V6: 305HP V8: 350

Only AWD, because that’s just better.

Options: (EXTRAS)

  1. Rear power seat, instead of bench– 300$.
  2. Quad zone climate control–600$.
  3. Hybrid power train (V6 only)–2000$
  4. That carbon fiber wing–1000$
  5. +50HP extra (V8 only), instead of 350 (Now 400)–4000$

Price tag:
V6 (BASE)– 50K$
V8 (BASE)– 60K$
V6 (ALL OPTIONS)– 53.9K$
V8 (ALL OPTIONS)– 55.9K$

Not sure about dimensions, 0-60 and weight.