1981 Buick Century LTD

Buick - 1981 Buick Century LTD - Garage

A very rare car, europe atleast. only 5 in europe, three of which are in sweden!

Say hi to my first and only car Bättan Bö!

This is a 1981 Buick Century limited with the 231 v6 (3.8L)
110hp (80kw) 352N.m (253lb.ft ish)
3 Speed Auto
0-60 (0-100) 23 seconds, just 4 seconds faster than a Trabant 601
Milage? Awful! I can go about 58 km on a full tank, thats about 70 Litres.

I found this sitting in a parkinglot, the old owner couldn’t drive, without any hesitation he said “Have it I dont really care about money, I’ll die soon enough, I just want to have a ride in her before I die”

I accepted and after a bit of tinkering with it. Renovating the carburettor, some welding and a set of preowned tyres that I got for £35 and a wheel alingmet. It got an MOT and let the old owner have a go in her. A month later he died.

Now a year later I turned 18 and got my licence and I use it atleast once a week. She’s great and I have some plans for her.

As every other project car, this will never be compleatly finished.