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Goodbye CarThrottle, It Was Amazing

Goodbye CarThrottle, It Was Amazing - Off topic

So am a bit late and only recieved word of this today as I was going through all of my posts just for fun. And what fun I’ve had on here, seriously. I had forgotten a lot of it. And I’d like to share a bit of my point of view and how this website had an impact on me.

So I joined in 2016 when i was 15 years old, had rediscovered my love for cars and watched CarThrottle’s videos and made an account just for fun. To consume more car content. I posted a few drawings and questions in Ask CarThrottle, and some cropped images in Guess The Car as well.

My first ever post was in Guess The Car of a Toyota Corolla E90 Liftback that I had drawn
My first ever post was in Guess The Car of a Toyota Corolla E90 Liftback that I had drawn

Then of course after a while I posted the first ever Car vs Car and oh boy did teenage me take off

Goodbye CarThrottle, It Was Amazing - Off topic

This is the single thing I’ve been most dedicated to i think ever in my life. I had folders and subfolders of drafts, old episodes and new episodes, trying to edit the pictures more and more, evolving it and sticking to a schedule. When I looked back at it I just kept thinking, how the h_ll did I have the energy to keep this up constantly as a teenager, while in highschool, with homework and everything. I even twin posted it on DriveTibe too. I also posted in in a car community on the Amino app on my phone. Jesus Christ, I was such a different person.
But I do kind of know why, I didn’t have many friends, I never liked the aura of the school I was at, I just wanted to get things done and get home and create something that people liked and recieving all this positive feedback motivated me a lot. I would not have kept any series going had it not been for this amazing community. I still have all the old files of old episodes and text documents everyone who suggested them. I could never bring myself to deleting any of them. It truly is one of my favourite things I’ve done. Everything from the Specials, the anniversaries and the #100 special, that was truly something… Some maybe saw I did post the first episode of Season 2, I am sorry that I didn’t continue. I probably would have done, but I had (and still have) some serious personal issues and my motivation is in the negatives.
But let’s not get bogged down with depressing stuff, I’ll share more of that further down because now I want to talk about…

Goodbye CarThrottle, It Was Amazing - Off topic

Ah yes, the niche series that began as a joke on a TF2 trading website that became a full series in CarThrottle. I don’t have much to say about this series apart from that it took way more effort than it should have. Since I was featuring really obscure cars I was going to deep ends of the internet just to find stats of these cars. So much reseach had to go into one episode, and sometimes I’d even get it completely wrong and the whole episode would just be redundant. Yet still I absolutely loved creating it and posting it. And I was making this at the same time as Car vs Car and sitting here now I feel like I must have been insane.

I am 20 now and for real, it almost gave me a small dose of depression. Because right now I am just sitting here. letting the time tick by. I realise how much time I am just completely wasting. I’ve maybe pushed out a few videos on YouTube but that’s it. Nothing more I just became absent from everything.
I don’t know what more to say
I’m really sad that I’ll never be able to post here again. But.. everything has to come to an end I guess.

So many people I’ve met on here and memories that have been planted in my head that might stick forever.
But that’s it really, just a short recap of what I did and the thoughts I have now.
I hope I can still view my old content and others old content. Because it really does mean a lot, it’s like going through childhood pictures except you can relive the moments almost fully since you’re just reading everything again.
I just remembered my old Amazon and how I would frequently post my stuggles with it on here

If anyone wonders where I’ll be, most likely on YouTube, but don’t expect anything, I don’t post frequently at all. But seeing how much time and effort I put into CarThrottle, why can I not convert that onto YouTube, right?
I should probably put a link:

Goodbye CarThrottle
And goodbye every amazing person I met on here. Maybe we’ll see in the future, who knows.

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