Here's a decent question, which members of your family and friends has (or had) the worst vehicle(s)?

  1. My aunt’s Aztek
  2. My friend’s mom’s Pontiac G6
  3. My mom’s first car, a Chevy Vega
  4. My friend’s Audi Allroad
  5. My other friend’s Audi Allroad
  6. My moms friend’s son’s Audi A6
  7. His other A6
  8. Our old truck, a 2007 Chevy Silverado Z71, didn’t last and was not great while it did
  9. My brother’s 454 silverado
  10. ^His old Jeep
  11. My dad’s old Durango
  12. My grandma’s Blackwood(s)
  13. My other aunt’s Nissan Juke
  14. My other other aunt’s Buick Encore
  15. That’s all i got