Announcement! - Photography & Videography

Hello CarThrottle! I’m excited to announce my second Instagram page, @carglomeration (car + conglomeration). It is the same concept as @vicsofinsta, but for all cars. However, the reason I’m posting about the page is not to advertise. In order to get this page off the ground, I need pictures! I don’t care what type of car it is, as long as it’s YOURS!
There are a few more requirements I have in order to be able to post your car:

It has to be your personal car

You must have an Instagram. This allows me to credit you and let other find you easily.

The pictures have to be high quality (not grainy).

If you want me to post your car, DM me via @carglomeration or tap the email button and send me an email. I’m really excited to see what you guys send me.