Am I Cursed By Racing Accidents - My Weird Experience

First off, I’d like to say hi again, as I’ve been away for a stupid amount of time.. I just went off the radar, as did my CT account, but I should be posting more regularly again.

So, it sounds odd, but I think I may be cursed by racing accidents. A bit of back story - I watched the Daytona 500 over the weekend, my first NASCAR event, and the final lap crash involving Ryan Newman got me thinking - every time I watch a new series for the first time, there’s always some big accident where someone is killed or seriously injured.

Before I start, this is all 100% true, no word of a lie.

It all began in 2014, when I watched the LeMans 24 Hours for the first time, after a mate at school told me how good this new WEC series was. I hadn’t watched racing for a while, as I got bored of F1 because of Red Bull (More on that in a moment, and I was a kid and got bored easily 🤣), so I was excited for the start. After a few laps, an Aston Martin was spat into a tree, and I later found out that the driver, Allan Simonsen, had been killed. Tragic, but the race went on.

Come October 2014, I started to get back into Formula 1. I watched parts of the Italian and Singapore Grands Prix, and thought I’d give the Japanese GP a watch. Of course, Jules Bianchi had his accident, where he was injured, only to pass away several months later.

Fast forward several years to 2018, after I completely forgot these accidents. I’d been away for the weekend and tuned into the Silverstone WEC race. Afterwards, the Pocono IndyCar race was advertised, and I thought I’d give it a watch as it was completely alien to me. This was the last race (to date) that Robert Wickens started, as he was nearly killed in an accident which saw him paralysed for several months (and still in a wheelchair now).

Moving on to 2019. I was into F1, big time, but wasn’t paying much attention to Formula 2. I don’t get a chance to watch the races (as the TV always gets commandeered after the big F1 events), but I flick over when I have a chance. I saw tiny parts of Bahrain and Monaco, and that was it. Jump to September, and the Belgian Grand Prix weekend, and Mum and Dad went out for the day, giving me a chance to finally watch my first F2 race. Just two laps in, the Hubert/Correa/Alesi crash occured, killing Hubert and seriously injuring Correa. This is where I realise something weird is going on.

Then we get to the 2020 Daytona 500 NASCAR race, my first in the series. Never seen a NASCAR race before, and heard it can be fun to watch. After it was postponed, I was glued to my phone all Monday night seeing cars fly off left, right and centre (mostly thanks to Joey Logano). Then comes the Overtime at the end of the race, which in the 2nd restart, could’ve been won by one of three or four drivers. Then, as the leaders enter the Tri-Oval for the final time, Ryan Newman has a spectacular accident, being collected by another car. He was in a critical condition, but wasn’t life threatening. This is where I’ve finally made the link - am I cursed?

That’s three drivers dead, and three seriously injured - and all because I wanted to watch some racing.

Weird, but what do you think? And is there any way I could stop any other drivers being killed or seriously injured?

I would be grateful for any advice.

Yours truly,