Kia have now embarked on a new journey that lies far outside of its comfort zone. This is both exciting and terrifying for Kia. It is exciting because Kia now have the opportunity to almost reinvent themselves as a brand. However it is also terrifying because they are now going into battle with the people who created the market sector that Kia are trying to gain entrance into.

During the development of the new Stinger GT had some insight into the operations of their German Rivals thanks to 2 of its executives who previously worked for 2 of the German Giants that are BMW and Audi.

First we have Peter Schryder an ex Audi designer who has responsible for the Stingers striking design. From the aggressive aero on the exterior to the jet engine style air vents there are traces of Audi scattered throughout the design of the new Stinger.

Moving onto performance testing and development. Kia are covered here too because they have Albert Biermann a former VP of engineering for BMW’s M Division. It is clear to see that Biermann has left his mark on the new Stinger GT as it comes with features like an LSD and a copy of BMW’s MDM tractional control.

Kia now have a goal to establish a name for themselves in the sports saloon sector and they are not playing games.