1983 Volkswagen Golf Mk2

Volkswagen - 1983 Volkswagen Golf Mk2 - Garage

i bought it from a nice old man who’s wife doesn’t wanted him to drive anymore. He also gave me a set of nice but old silver alloy wheels. After i repaired the Panel underneith the front bumper, which was pretty rusty with some holes in it (i bet they were naturally forming speedholes which make the car faster XD) i started to work on the engine. I made the mandatory full service with new oil, filter and sparkplugs and replaced the airfilter with one from K&N. Lastly i repainted the Wheels and put nankang tyres on them for better Grip and thats about all i needed to do to the car besided putting in some new speakers in the original speaker mounts on the Dashboard, the little ones ;) .. Oh, btw, the car only had 96000 KM on the Clock when i bought it for 1500€ .. sadly the car isn’t with me anymore, it had to go to make room for a new project. But it got a new home and lives now happily with a VW Golf Collector ^^..