Martin Burns profile picture Martin Burns 4 years ago

Unpopular opinion: CarThrottle is "dying" because you people don't post content (enough) not because of "lazy" staff

Though I agree with much of this buzz going around: trolls, immature/vulgar comments, bots, fake garage posts, users going ghost, and so forth, what I find troubling is how much finger point is being done (towards the staff) for now bestowing us users with better breaking hyper relevant journalistic content (for free) without offering up much in the way of a solution.

What’s perhaps more troubling though is that Carthrottle is, and always has been, based PRIMARILY upon the notion that it should be driven (lol pun) by user generated content. So if you want more relevant and relatable content then start digging through the plethora of Communities and upvote post you enjoy from FELLOW USERS, that way, they are inspired to post more content tomorrow.

The Carthrottle staff created a great tool for you all to create all sorts of content, so if you don’t like the content here quit whining about it and start posting better content yourself.

As for the bugs, bots, and other glitchy type things… that is not our prerogative to worry about, again, this is a FREE SERVICE that is provided almost entirely Ad free…

So in short, if you want to “save” Carthrottle, STOP COMPLAINING AND POST MORE CONTENT!

Yes there are issues, but a lack of staff generated content is not one of them. This was always about the users…