Sold my Daily yesterday.... sad time .....

Sold my Daily yesterday.... sad time ..... - BMW E34 5-series Forum

but the new owner is a mechanic, will fix the car and will have a great time with it on wards. He is a fan of E34s, so I think it is a good new home which makes me a bit less sad.

So break down of cost of ownership of the car over 2 years and 42.000 km:
Car: 730€
Fix of the car and technical inspection for 2 years: 380€
Changing suspension parts: 980€
Changing Fuel Pump: 140€
Oil Changes and Service ~ 80€
Cost Total Parts and car: 2310€
Sold the car for 650€
So loss is 1660€ over 42.000km which results in 0.0395€/km or 3.95€/100km.
Add long term average of 8,5 for petrol and lpg and the complete travelling cost were 12.45€/100km.
Not bad for a 1.8t luxury cruiser. Next car will be something different, because BMWs Suspension is firm tough and awesome Handling wise, but a pain in the a* to work on. So stay tuned for the next daily…. right now I am dailying the E34 M5…..and by dailying I mean it is in the garage for me while I am taking the bus and still only use it on the weekends =)

Sold my Daily yesterday.... sad time ..... - BMW E34 5-series Forum

in addition I might add that insurance is also a part of the costs but differ from each to each and tax was 143€/year