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1995 Mercedes Benz C 220 Diesel Elegance

Mercedes Benz - 1995 Mercedes Benz C 220 Diesel Elegance - Garage

The replacement for the beautiful but slow af 190D.
Has 95hp and 150Nm from factory, bought it with 330,000 km and now it’s at 440,000.
I hated this car until I drove it. Why?
Because it’s the most fun slow car I’ve ever driven.
Yes it’s heavy, yes it seriously lacks power, but also lacks traction control and surprizingly even with great tires it was really tail-happy. This car might be up for sale somewhere in the near future, it had loads of rust when we got it (say we because it’s my dad’s car, sadly never owned a car myself but that moment will come very VERY soon). Now it’s in a body shop getting it’s rust issues resolved, so I can basically call myself Alex Kersten now. No offense to Alex, one of my idols!