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So lately i've been thinking...

So lately i've been thinking... - Off topic

My mental health as of late hasn’t been too great, and the lockdown couldn’t have come at a worse time, as I was close to potentially having things on track. So i’ve been thinking ahead, about what the future holds, if I even have one at this point and I think i’ve formed a plan as to what I want to do, project car wise.

I want to 3UZ-FE swap an A70 Supra. A fully Japanese muscle car with retro looks to die for.

I’ve seen some builds and they’re absolutely dope, A70’s are pretty undervalued right now, so finding an alright condition one I can do it to shouldn’t be too hard, i’ve also been researching transmission options, swap kits and 3UZ engine prices. It should be an interesting project to undertake once I have more experience in a mechanic environment, hopefully at Toyota if my apprenticeship interview is successful.

I’m considering skipping out on an EP3 Type R because of it, EP3’s are pretty common here and not that interesting, an A70 Supra will really stand out as I hate being a normie.

The car would ideally be a post facelift Turbo with the Sport Roof, but the Sport Roof is either an extremely rare option or was never sold in the UK, as I have never ever seen a picture of a UK car with the Sport roof. The reason I’d pick a Turbo model over a non turbo model is simply down to the fact the R154 transmission in the Turbo is lightyears better than the W58 found in the non turbos.

I’d wrap it in full gloss black, give it some dark copper / bronze five spoke wheels, dual exhaust tips and some lazy eye pop ups to make it more agressive, inside i’d do a rear seat delete because who on earth wants to sit in the cramped back? Aside from the cosmetics, i’d obviously upgrade the brakes and give it some coilovers, maybe even some fatter tyres and fender flares. I’m in the early stages of planning, but that’s what i’m thinking.


The 3uz FE is actually lighter than the inline six it will be replacing thanks to the beauty of aluminium, despite having two more cylinders and being 1.3l larger. It being a Lexus engine means I’ll probably die before it does. I’d tune it to around 400hp so it’s nice fast, not too fast and should sound wicked with a pops and bangs remap.

Thanks for reading, if I ever attempt to build this, I will unprivate my Instagram and document it there, becoming a car page.

Thanks for reading.