First car struggle #5 Suzuki Kei Works

Welcome back! In this instalment of my personal ripoff of Myrmeko’s First. Car. LIVE! we’ll talk about the second Kei car in my list, the Suzuki Kei Works

Suzuki - First car struggle #5 Suzuki Kei Works - Ask Car Throttle

The Works was the sportier version of the regular Kei. It was introduced in 2002 and it came with AWD (even though not all Kei Works have it), 15-inch alloy rims and the same good ol’ 658cc DOHC inline-3 capable of 63hp and, thanks to a 5-speed manual transmission, 168km/h


Suzuki - First car struggle #5 Suzuki Kei Works - Ask Car Throttle

My mods list is basically as limited as it was with the Mira, so I’ll stick to simple stuff like
1) a sportier exhaust system
2) a better air filter
Unfortunately, likewise with the Daihatsu, I’m not sure if I can convert it to LPG to reduce running costs, so I won’t talk about it

Costs and conclusions

Sorry for the potato-spec picture
Sorry for the potato-spec picture

About the price, the current lowest one I could find is 4778€ (4439£/5789USD) shipping included, but I’ve seen some in slightly worse conditions sell for about 4300€ or even less (3937£/5208USD).
Like with the Mira, the Kei was never sold new in Italy and I don’t know how much it will cost to register and insure here, so in this case too I’m just asking you to rate the car and tell me what do you think about it.

The Daihatsu Mira TR-XX got a score of 86.67/100, getting 2nd place behind the apparently invincible Fiat Panda 100HP.
Thank you for voting last time and thank you for voting now! Have a good day/night/whatever!