I’m leaving CT...

I’m leaving CT... - Ask Car Throttle

Hi guys, I don’t like to make this post, but I’m going to have to.
So I know that many of you love my story series. I’m discontinuing it as of now. I don’t see any point in continuing it. And I am stepping back from CarThrottle and DRIVETRIBE as a whole. I’m stepping back from the car scene as a whole. I need some time to focus on myself and my friends and loved ones. As for those of you who want to continue the story that I have, just message me personally through my Snapchat or Instagram (I’ll put those below). I love you all who has stayed with me this far in this journey, but it’s time for it to end. It doesn’t mean that I’m deleting my account or anything, I’m just taking some time off to reflect. And remember, “Peace out and keep moving forward.”
Instagram: slow_4runner
Snapchat: speedrazer13