Here's a small post of my car, Toyota Corolla E100 #RealCar

Toyota - Here's a small post of my car, Toyota Corolla E100 #RealCar - Toyota Corolla Forum

In the image you see my car, a 1993 Toyota Corolla. It has a 1,6 liter 4A-FE engine, which makes about 110 horsepower max. Not much, but it’s good enough to move and have fun in a car which weighs about 1100 kg.

It has next to zero luxuries, it only has necessary stuff. Only extra luxuries or assists it has are power steering, a interior blower, seat heaters (which don’t work lol) and a 12 hour clock screen. No A/C, traction contorol, ABS none of that stuff. I do have installed an interior heater in it, which heats the car before I go to drive it during winter. Winters can get quite cold here sometimes…

I bought the car in October 2015. It has until this day had no problems or anything. Engine, Clutch and Gearbox have worked flawlessly. Only had to replace couple light bulbs in the dashboard when I bought it. I’ve also had to replace all four brakes, an oil change and the timing belt, but that’s all common maintenance, so I don’t count them as flaws. Anyways, the most amazing thing is, it had next to zero rust! All of that in a over 20 years old Corolla and the guy I bought it from didn’t seem to know much about cars (although he did seem to be a bit of a Toyota enthusiast). It is probably the best 650 euros I’ve ever invested on anything! Yea, on top of all things I’ve mentioned it was also that cheap :D

One of the bad things in older Corollas is that they are terribly easy to steal. I also happen to live in somewhat restless neighborhood. You can probably count 1+1 and realize what ended up happening. One evening on July this year I was going to shop to buy food and stuff. Anyways when I got to my parking spot, I noticed the car was missing. I spent rest of the day trying to look around the nearby streets and parking places. Maybe I had parked it in a different place and somehow forgot about it. At the end of the day I had to face the fact of what has happened. The car had been stolen…

Next day I made a police report. After couple weeks I got a call from some person who had seen the car in a somewhat remote parking space, where people sometimes abandon their old cars. Fortunately the thief(s) had left the registration document in the car, that’s how the person knew to call me. UNfortunately the car had been vandalized, drivers side front window shattered and everything that was not firmly bolted in the car had been stripped off. Obviously the ignition switch was destroyed as well, with the lock cylinder completely missing. Also the front bumber was slightly damaged.

Toyota - Here's a small post of my car, Toyota Corolla E100 #RealCar - Toyota Corolla Forum
Toyota - Here's a small post of my car, Toyota Corolla E100 #RealCar - Toyota Corolla Forum
Toyota - Here's a small post of my car, Toyota Corolla E100 #RealCar - Toyota Corolla Forum

Anyways few days later my brother came to town and volunteered to drive it to my parents house about 250 kilometers away (their garage is the only place where I can do work with the car). The car still had no window, only a piece of plastic being duct taped on the place where window should be working as a temporary “window”. It must have been very uncomfortable drive lol :D

Fast forward few months until I finally had money to start buying parts, the car is getting close to being built back on the road again. Still haven’t installed everything and I’ve been fixing few minor rust spots while I’ve been at it (it’s not 100% rust-proof after all lol). But before I’ll take it back to city I live in I’m also going to install a theft alarm system. Maybe that’ll keep the the typical junkies away from my car in the future. Just need to order the system though.

Anyways, I think that’s all. This small post has proven to be not so small after all lol. I think it’s closer to being a mini-blog or something lol. Hope it’s not a problem to people and you managed to read through it all :)

Thanks for reading!