Audi TT Common Problems

DSG Gearbox

If the DSG gearbox is very hesitant changing gears and isn’t silky smooth, then this may be because the mechatronic unit is failing. This is quite an expensive job, however recondition units can be found cheaper. Still expect to pay a 4 figure sum if this issue befalls you.

‘Dashpod’ Failure

If you are getting an inaccurate fuel reading, wayward water temps and missing mixels from the data panel, it probably means the ‘dashpod’ has failed. Reconditioned units can be found for around £300.

Failed Coil Pack

Symptoms of this issue can be poor performance, rough idle, as well as misfiring. You will need to diagnose which coil is faulty and replace it with the uprated coil pack made by Audi. This is a common problem with the coil packs across a few different Audi models.

Suspension knocking

This is normally caused by faulty bushes, usually with the TT it is roll bar bushes. Front wishbones and front anti-roll bars tend to need replacing in higher mile, older cars.

Failed Window Switch

It is a known problem on the TT to have problems with the electric windows, most notably a problem with the window switch which tends to fail. This issue is rectified by fitting a replacement switch,