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Pre-Millennial Racing: NFS III: Hot Pursuit (without unnecessary commentary)

I decided to have a go at playing the third installment of the Need for Speed series and I had a blast!

In this video, I drive the 550 Maranello at Atlantica and explore some alternative routes, while evading (not too clever AI) cops. This “Let’s Play” video (if you want to call it that because, frankly, I don’t) does not feature hours of japping on about stuff, just gameplay and some features. That’s how I prefer it.

If you’d like to have a go for yourself, it’s important to note the installation process, if you run a 64-bit System.

You will need:

First, you slide that disc in real smooth (or mount your Image to a virtual drive). Then you execute the x64 Installer, which automatically detects the disc and installs the game for you. Without this, you’d simply get an error message along the lines of “This program is not compatible with your system and cannot be installed.”

Then, before you start the game, you unpack the patch and copy the contents into your installation folder. Don’t worry about overwriting the existing files, it’s absolutely necessary for the game to run properly. Missing this step and launching the game at a higher display resolution than 1024x768 will launch the game, but your screen will stay black and thus the game will be unplayable.

So I hope some of you found this entertaining and/or useful, I do wonder how many people are still fond of this old gem. Let me know of any questions and criticism you might have and what old racing games you’d like to see/play again.

If you’re interested, I have two videos of NFS: Porsche Unleashed gameplay up, as well as some other one’s (not really good, but hey, at least I put in some effort, okay?)

Cheers for watching, reading, skipping and enjoying.

TL:DR version: "I played an old game, had fun, want to play too? If yes: download patches and play If no: stop wasting everyones time, that's my thing kthxbye