The 10 widest rear tires on production cars! (In the last few years)

Tires are what make or break a car. They can provide huge improvements and performance and fuel economy. These are some of the widest tires available.

10: Mclaren P1

It’s got 315 MM rears. Wow, so wide….

9: Ferrari f12

This one’s got, like the P1, 315 MM tires.

8: Porsche 918 and 911 GT3 RS

Each of those two amazing German machines have extreme 325 section rears! Wow, just wow!

7: Corvette Zo6

This has 335 sections…That’s over a foot long! one whole foot! Ahhh, and it still get’s wheel spin…

6: Aventador!

I’ve seen one of these (Got up close and personal too), they’ve got 335 rears….They’re as wide as the corvette but on this car, it’s so wide…..Wider than me.

5: Pagani Huayraaaaaaaaa

Lke the Zo6 and Aventador, they’ve got 335 rears….on those beautiful, dished, rear rims. This is art…

4: Ferrari LA Ferrari!

Another piece of art, another peice of science, another wide tire. This one’s got 345 mm rears… I want one…

3: Keoeneseggeeggeggeggegggggg 1:one

This thing could possibly be the fastest car on the planet. It’s impossible fastm with a power to weight ratio of 1:1 (hence the name) and is crazy, crazy, craaaazy fast. It’s got 345 rears.

2: Dodge Viper

This has a back breaking 355 rear sections…. That’s about 14 inches…in the words of Donald trump, It Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!

1: Aventador SV

This has tires even wider than the normal one…355 rears. Have you heard the sounds it makes? Ah, pure music….

Check out the Ignition video on MotorTrend….

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Itsu Ka

The Veyron SS have some big tires too, 365 mm at the rear

03/17/2016 - 15:58 |
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FLixy Madfox

In reply to by Itsu Ka

Yeah…I know…

03/17/2016 - 16:34 |
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