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BedSlide; Accessory and Functionality

BedSlide; Accessory and Functionality - Trucks

Looking at the market for an automotive accessory that will provide further functionality for your truck’s bed? You can search for an array of automotive accessories, but one accessory stood out from thousands of products and hundreds of brands in the market. BedSlide is a great investment you can get for your truck.

BedSlide is an outstanding brand that offers products for cargo management. They have full range of products that fits trucks, SUVs, and vans, which can be used for transporting any cargo and load in a simpler and safer way. This accessory is designed to accommodate storage add-ons such as racks, boxes, and even dividers.

Cargo management and other benefits

A great product that provides cargo solutions, with BedSlide, you don’t have to climb back and forth just to reach anything from your truck’s bed. You can easily get any stuff in and out with this innovative product. You can also organize the stuff you want to place onto the truck bed. It is great to use when you’re going to camp out and you have a lot of things to bring-in at the back of your vehicle.
You can maximize the space of your vehicle if you can organize the things you’ll need to bring. This product is designed to provide more storage space and keep your hands and fingers away from the dangerous pinch points when pushing and pulling the tray or opening and closing the tailgate.
If you’re looking for ready-made accessory that you can put on the bed of your truck, which can help you in organizing things and easy transportation of any load on your truck, then this one, is what you need. It is constructed using high-quality steel and weather-proof materials to ensure durability.
Durable and functional

Bedslide is made with steel hard linkage latching mechanism, which is another great thing about this product. This product went through sandblasting surface preparation and has a powder-coat finish to guarantee toughness and long-term protection against the corrosion. Don’t worry about heavy loads because this cool accessory has the capacity to withstand heavy weight.

To ensure its exceptional quality, it is also constructed with KR40 CAM a follower that has over 2-ton dynamic capacity. You also don’t need any rubber mat or plywood for installation. It has a riv-nut mounting system made with four bolts that’s easy to fix onto the truck bed. No need for drilling or any other complicated tools to attach this automotive accessory onto the vehicle. It will only take about 30 minutes to install.

This great product is a worth-buying add-on that you’ll spend your money on. This accessory will provide any truck, SUV, van, and even utility boxes or trailers with functionality and improved looks. The sliding tray will give you a hassle-free storage options. It keeps your materials in place and helps you reach your cargo right to you without any trouble. It is easy to use and rolls out the equipment, gears, or any stuff securely.

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