Oh the days of yonder

Oh the days of yonder - Trackday and Circuit Drivers

Have a walk down the local park and hear the elders preach onto the smooth summer breeze how the world was such a better place in the good ol’ days. Give that thought a bit of introspection and slowly realize how you keep turning into one of those elderly people as you grow older and wiser.

In my country we have a saying to refer to those people: Velhos do Restelo. Restelo itself is but a place in Lisbon, but the expression refers to those people that refuse to accept that times are always changing. To a conformity-over-change mentality.

I myself am turning into such a person.

I remember a few years back, when I was reading an article on Jalopnik about Mattman’s insane drive under a trailer with his Miata. For your convenience I looked up the article (it’s forever burned in my mind and in the history of the internet - sorry for recalling it Matt, you’re an awesome dude!) and here it is!


Image from the original Jalopnik article
Image from the original Jalopnik article

Back then I used to think Jalopnik was an awesome place. I became an avid follower of their irreverent articles. Now let’s skip forward a fair bit onto another article written yesterday…


This is where I suddenly stopped thinking Jalopnik was a fun place to be, and started thinking “when did Jalopnik turn into Tumblr?”.

The whole world knows Miatas are not perfect and certainly not for everyone, and that for every miata lover out there, there is another person who hate it with a passion. We also know that communities, and the Miata communities are no exception, sometimes are simply insufferable. The Miata community and their closet mindset is no exception.

And that is the main point here: Take this into consideration and the article becomes yet-another-rant from someone who hates miatas with a passion, and chose to bash on a fairly decent car for the shortcomings of some of their owners. Eventually, ranting about something then doing worse is a nice way to get a point across, and a fine example of journalism… At least as much as sarcasm works on the internet.

It is a good thing that Miatas are (sort of) rare over here, and they don’t get these stereotypes applied every so often. They still do, but let me remind you that I’m a Fiat Punto driver too.

Puntos have the worst reputation as being mistreated, unrealiable, cheap cars owned by illegal immigrants with no driver’s license or insurance. Owning one of these and loving it is seen by people as a motive for deportation. They think you’re probably living under a bridge too. And dealing drugs.
If you own one you’re not even allowed into the pseudo-social ‘club’ that is being considered a gearhead: You’re just automatically a poor sod that does not know anything about cars and never got to know anything better.

Believe me: I know car hatred. I still own, drive and cherish that car everyday because I love it so much. I love my miatas too! All true gearheads out there should just love your cars more (if you don’t, trade them for something better) and worry less about other people’s choices.

So, in the end all I wanted to say is… Come on Jalopnik, when did you stop being funny and turned to oblivious internet sarcasm? Where’s the gearhead in you?

Also, I just wanted to post miatas because they’re awesome and all :3

Oh the days of yonder - Trackday and Circuit Drivers