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The Volga V12 Coupe- Russia's Forgotten Supercar #blogpost

The Volga V12 Coupe- Russia's Forgotten Supercar  #blogpost - Blog

Back during the Cold War, the Soviet Union was going through harsh times. The business of equality was taken WAY too seriously! Cleaners were being paid the same as doctors! And if you rebelled or protested against these policies, you’d be thrown straight to death, or a concentration camp – which was worse.
However, some were more equal than others. Hence why the hierarchy tended to have some freaking awesome cars! The GAZ Chikia for example, was a Mercedes 600, for Stalin’s follow-ups.

Since the end of the communist era, a company called A:Level started up. Which sounds like the British college education system, but in Russia, it means something COMPLETELY different!

Nonetheless, they must have been sitting quietly and thinking; “Hmmm, what would happen if we took a BMW 850csi and went bonkers with it?” And so Russia’s forgotten supercar was born. (And it’s perfect for any dictator)- ​

So What Exactly Is It?

The Volga V12 Coupe- Russia's Forgotten Supercar  #blogpost - Blog

In short- The Volga V12 Coupe is the full essence of badass! No, but really, what kind of car is it?
As I mentioned above, the Volga is an 850csi underneath. Which is already a safer place to start, than most Russian cars of the communist era. And on top, it’s been designed to look like a car that never existed… a coupe version of the Volga M21.

The 21 was one of the more luxurious cars you could buy in the USSR, it was the first car to carry the Volga name and over 600,000 were sold! So essentially, this was the most un-equal, yet equal car at the time… (Complicated I know, but that’s how it was)

Nonetheless, the V12 Coupe was built with no competition in mind. This exclusive supercar was built purely to cater the needs of a ruthless, evil leader (or just an incredibly rich Russian club owner) should he need to get away quickly, and look ULTRA cool at the same time. Which brings me on to the next point-


The Volga V12 Coupe- Russia's Forgotten Supercar  #blogpost - Blog

Power obviously comes from BMW, a 5.5 litre naturally aspirated V12 pushing out 380bhp! And it’s mated to a 6 speed manual gearbox, for that full on supercar experience.
Top speed? Well that’d be a modest 161mph, and for a car with the aerodynamic properties of a moon, that’s pretty good.

And let’s think about it. If Vladimir Putin wanted to escape the masses of mobbing Ladas, then he’d have a certain shot of doing just that!
If the original Volga was good enough for the KGB with a weak V8, then I’m pretty DAMN sure that the Russian hierarchy would be impressed by this AWESOME supercar!

Also, if that leader wanted a bit of open air. Then A:Level cars could also sell you a convertible version, which is based off a BMW 650i Convertible!

Exclusivity? If you're up for a fight, look no further...

The Volga V12 Coupe- Russia's Forgotten Supercar  #blogpost - Blog

Information on this ultra cool supercar is possibly the most scarce I’ve EVER come across. Every article is in Russian, and A:Level’s bosses refuse to answer any questions. Nonetheless, there’s some info I could find.

Chief among which is the sheer price of the thing! A man at the Paris Motorshow tried to bribe the CEO for $1 million for this car! And they simply replied; ” we are absolutely NOT interested!”

This surely has to be one of the hardest cars to buy, in the history of mankind. The bosses have endlessly refused offers for the V12 Coupe, and when someone asked how many they were building, they replied; ” “How many?! HOW MANY!? We only ever build one of a car!”

A:Level cars are sold, after pretty much a huge conversation and an argument with the potential customer… It’s been said that a VERY lucky owner of this car, also owns several Ferraris, a Lamborghini LM002, and a heavily modified Mercedes CL600. (Not to mention a heavily guarded house with a private runway!)

And these guys really DO check to see whether the buyer is serious, and not just a rich YouTube star. I’m quoting now- they even said;

“Eighty percent of customers who come to us, we reject. Most have money but no imagination. The worst thing a customer can say to us is, ‘I want the same as that. It is not enough that a customer has money—he must burn!” (I think he said this with severe passion…)

To Sum Up

The Volga V12 Coupe- Russia's Forgotten Supercar  #blogpost - Blog

The A:Level Volga V12 Coupe is one of the coolest, most sinister and badass cars to have EVER go on sale! (If you could get one…)

This I imagine is the kind of car in which leaders of the KGB, Soviet dictators and incredibly rich Russians, will be driving about in. It’s ultra cool on anybody’s scale!

Yes, the interior’s nearly identical to the BMW 8 series. But the fact it’s based off one, forever makes it the ultimate driving machine? (Especially with the V12 and 6 speed ‘box)

And along with an unknown price tag, and unknown production numbers. It’s hard to tell if this car has ended it’s life, or whether they’re making one for the rare species, in which you’d call an agreed buyer! Although I do know they started making these cars from around 2004 ish.

Want one? Well…….we wish you dear good luck with that!

And there we are! That’s an insider of one of the rarest and most badass supercars on the planet.
Hope you enjoyed this article! And feel free to feedback :)

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