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3 Reasons Why You Should Watch Haggard Garage More!

3 Reasons Why You Should Watch Haggard Garage More! - Funny

The series of videos on YouTube by Haggard Garage are somewhat controversial amongst us here on CarThrottle, but I’m going to try to persuade you to watch them more often right here, with this post…

1) They do awesome project cars.
The majority of cars that they have worked on have actually been saved from the claws of the Scrap pile machine. They make these cars into awesome builds, such as the Lexus ‘Drift boat’, or the Miata project.

2) They modify their cars in a unique way.
The guys at Haggard Garage seem to modify their cars in unique ways - what I mean by this is that what ever they do to their car, you can do to yours with ease, surely. They make simple things such as Coil overs look great to use and fun. Simple lip spoilers can make the whole car look perfect… and ‘Salad Shooter’ wheels are nice. These are the things that the guys at Haggard Garage have taught me. You can make your car look nice, with not so much effort, time, and money as you would expect to have to put in to your car.

3) They have a laugh.
They have a laugh. They are a group of friends just hanging out and playing with their cars, just like any other petrol head/s would do. They like to have a joke with one another about each other’s cars, but it’s all a great laugh that’s meant for our entertaining us. They make us laugh too, as they often joke quite a bit, and sometimes they refer back to previous episodes (like Grillo’s whale?…) to make us have a giggle and keep us entertained. As a matter of fact, I can’t remember any other show on YouTube that I’ve laughed more at than Haggard Garage.

Overall, they’re a great underrated channel on YouTube and I suggest you watch them more often!
As for the controversy, we have to bear in mind that the Guys at Haggard garage are teenagers, for the most part, and that whether they’re the typical, loud bunch of teenager’s or not, they’re not directly effecting us and therefore we shouldn’t have to comment on their ‘inappropriate’ attitudes towards cars. Let them do what they want to do - they bought their cars, and therefore they should be able to do what they wish (within boundaries) to their cars.

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