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New Gran Turismo Sport Info Revealed, Including Release Date

The long-awaited release of Gran Turismo Sport has a release date at last, following on from last year’s delays, and we also have a few extra snippets of information about the game too

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New Gran Turismo Sport Info Revealed, Including Release Date - Gaming

At E3 last month, we got a bit closer to finding out when Gran Turismo Sport was going to be released with the news of a ‘release window’. Now, we’ve got the official date.

Yep, GT Sport is coming to PlayStation 4 on the 17 October in North America and 18 October in Europe. The game’s creator Kazunori Yamauchi confirmed the news in a blog post for PlayStation.

The news also brought with it a new release date trailer, showing off the awesome-looking visuals and impressive car diversity in GT Sport. We’ll apparently hear a lot more about the game before its launch in October.

More information on the campaign mode, various creative tools and reveals of all the cars and tracks are all things racing gamers are looking forward to hearing about ahead of the game’s launch.

The release date confirmation follows on from the closed BETA phase, which has just been completed. Game creators are now entering the “final stages of polishing”.

They’ve been polishing for a while, though. The game was originally scheduled for release last November, but a few months before that, it was delayed in order to fine-tune and continue working on the game.

So, we’ve been waiting a while for GT Sport, but hopefully it’ll be worth it. After all, the game promises improved graphics, physics and sounds, as well as new FIA online championships, tracks, cars and Porsches – for the first time in a Gran Turismo game.

New Gran Turismo Sport Info Revealed, Including Release Date - Gaming

The GT Sport’s release date blog post also confirmed a load of other editions of the game, alongside the standard package. Here’s the list:

  • Gran Turismo Sport Collector’s Edition
  • Gran Turismo Sport Steel Book Edition
  • Gran Turismo Sport Day 1 Edition
  • Gran Turismo Sport Digital Deluxe Edition
  • Gran Turismo Sport Digital Edition

The Digital Deluxe and Steel Book editions come with loads of new cars, while the Collector’s Edition has even more exclusive cars plus an APEX booklet. See this page for all the details on the other editions, as there are quite a few extras.