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Tour Auto Optic 2000 - 2017 - Daily Vlogs!

Hey guys, it’s been a while but I thought I’d share one of my most recent adventures with you all.

I was invited by my friend Tim Hutton, (editor of Private Motor Club Magazine) to join him as part of his media team with photographer Richard P Walton following the 2017 Tour Auto Optic 2000 from Paris to Biarritz.

I aspired to film, edit and upload behind the scenes daily vlogs from the event but fell short with some pretty uninspiring wifi at our hotels… so exactly a week later once I’d returned to the UK I uploaded them day by day as they were filmed. I sincerely hope you enjoy them!

All the videos are below, or, if you want to view the playlist all in one place on youtube, you can do that via this link

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