Thanks for the help/advice guys, I installed my new brake pads yesterday.

Thanks for the help/advice guys, I installed my new brake pads yesterday. - General Mechanical Advice

A few weeks back I asked here (and a few other places) what brake pads I needed to buy. The ones I had at that moment where in dire need of replacement. The problem was that I had OEM replacement brake pads, which are great for normal driving, but didn’t work great with the occasional track day or touristenfahrten I drive. So they apparently got too hot every now and then. This didn’t mean they worked bad, but they wore off much faster than they should because of that.

While searching for better pads, i found out most companies only make OEM replacement pads for my car. So the options that are sport/performance pads would simply be EBC Greenstuff or CL brakes. Both are rather high priced. Other brake pads for my car are either not for sale in Europe or just OEM replacement quality.

I went and asked a guy who delivers most of the Hyundai and Kia aftermarket stuff here in the BeNeLux. So he asked his parts supplier. Something went wrong with asking (as he was also ordering two sets of pads for the Genesis Coupe) and he ended up with two sets of EBC Yellowstuff for my car. I didn’t even knew there are Yellowstuff pads for my car, as they weren’t mentioned in the EBC catalog.

So I got the option to buy one set for the wholesale price, making them about as expensive as a set of Greenstuff pads. I decided to take the offer and try these Yellowstuff brakes. It is a bit higher priced than I initially thought I would spent, but now I have a set which can manage the track abuse a lot better. Now, during the brake in period they already brake about as good as the OEM replacements did on their best.

So thank you guys for the help/advice, I cant wait to try those new pads on the next trackday.