Clio MK3/MK4 Common Issues/Faults

Clio MK3

For the RenaultSport models look out for cars that have had the water pump, cam belt and aux belt done as this will be a big saving for you in your time of ownership as this is required every 5 years or 72k miles. Also gearboxes on RenaultSport models can last sub 40k miles, the synchros weaken and eventually fail, usual signs of this are crunching gear changes.

Valve Cotter Recall

Some vehicles were recalled due to a potential nonconformance with the valve cotter which could lead to destruction of the engine.7

Stop Light Switch

This was a problem where the stop light switch would melt due to overheating of grease in the circuits which would lead to total failure of all the stop lights. This, however, was a recall by Renault so the majority of cars should be fixed.

Clio MK4

ABS Warning Light

If you notice an ABS warning light, it means you have a faulty sensor. The car will need to undergo a diagnostic check to discover which sensor, when it is found, the sensor will need to be replaced.

Faulty Ignition Coil

If you notice rough running or even cutting out then it is probably a faulty ignition coil. The only way to fix this is to replace the ignition coil.

Idle Issue

Some cars suffered with rough idle issues caused by the ECU. This was fixed by taking the car to a Renault dealer for them to do a software update on the car, this was done free by dealers so many cars now shouldn’t have the problem. If you do still have it, speak to your local dealer about the update

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