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Simple buy guide for cars

Country of origin:
Germany - Doesn’t have Japanese quality
Japan - Doesn’t have German finesse
Korea - Doesn’t have quality or finesse
America - Doesn’t have German finesse nor Japanese quality
China - Obvious enough

Gasoline - Lower MPG
Diesel - Expensive to maintain
Hybrid - Batteries cost mutch
LPG/Gas - It will blow up

Manual - A lot of coordinated hand-foot labour with a stick and a clutch.
Automatic - Switches something that you don’t really want, expensive to maintain
Robotic - Not exactly automatic
Variator - Doesn’t matter, it will fail

Driving layout
FWD - Not understanable how to escape skid
RWD - Not understandable how to avoid skid
AWD - Nothing is undestandable. End up in a ditch eventually

Sedan - Fridge doesn’t fit
Hatchback - Trunk is small
Estate/Station Wagon - Looks like a coffin
Coupe - Uncomfortable to get to back seats
Cabrio - Windy
Van - Too big

Soft - bad, drivability sucks
Hard - bad, butt hurts after long drive

Leather - bad, butt freezes in winter, sweats in summer
Textile - bad, coke stains stay there forever
Semi-leather - all bad stated above

Turbo - will fail, expensive to repair
Compressor - half a turbo
NA - no power