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An Announcement

An Announcement - Blog

We would like to announce that there is a new electric car company being created by Canadians who live and breathe cars.

Our company aspires to make electric cars that are for the type of driver who likes a sporty ride, superior performance and unquestionable comfort. There will be no downside to buying one of our cars, sporty, luxurious and eco friendly.

Our cars with be made in multiple models, a base model with around 210hp, a mid range model with 420hp (dual base motors), a sport performance model with 630hp (dual base motors at the rear, with a singular base motor at the front) and a racing performance model with 840hp (dual base motors at the front and rear)

Our first model with be named the Teser S1, a 4 door small sedan to rival the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes C-Class. Next we will make a Teser T1, a small SUV to rival the Mercedes GLC and BMW X3. IN the future we will aim to make an S2 and T2, to rival midsize luxury vehicles and then the S3 and T3 with be full size etc.

We will be posting updates to our company over the course of our company, we would love to have feedback from all of you CTzen’s.

We hope we will get to the road of success.