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How to Restore Faded Hazy or Yellowing Headlights by Wet Sanding and Polishing

Video tutorial on how to restore faded, hazy, foggy, or yellowing headlights using the wet sanding and polishing method. I’m redoing an old video, this was the 10th video I uploaded to YouTube back in March 2011. Here I wanted to improve the quality of the video and go over some commonly asked questions too. I have the materials at home already, so no off the shelf kit is needed. Faded headlight don’t look good on a vehicle and can cause poor light output at night. For this I am using my 2006 Dodge Ram as an example. This can be done with the lights left in the vehicle or they can be removed. I will provide both examples along with two different polishing methods too. #headlightrestoration #dodgeram #autodetailing

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