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Both Hand Drive Podcast: Driving The Jaguar F-Pace

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It’s been a while huh? I’ve been crazy busy writing and just not really had a chance to post, let alone keep everyone up to date here on the podcast. So, let’s play a little catch up.

This week I joined Matt Eugenio to record an episode while we tooled around the city in a Jaguar F-Pace. It has it’s issues, but overall we rather liked it. Particularly the supercharged V6 which you get a nice dose of in the audio.

Before that, we had the 2017 Both Hand Drive Alternative awards. Categories include Best Troll of the Year, Biggest PR Facepalm of the Year, The This is Still A Thing This Year Award, Unsung Heroes Of The Year, WTF Of The Year, Worst Advertising Campaign of the Year, and Race Car Of The Year.

Other highlights include Motorhead Mama coming on as a guest, an exciting episode where Matt and I drove around my home town in a Prius and saw the Ebay Rally Spec Dodge Dart, a super nerdy episode on 15 year old BMWs, and MC3 talking to us about his 911 project car.

You can listen to the podcast and subscibe to have episodes delivered to your phone or computer just by searching for Both Hand Drive in your favorite podcast app on your phone.

If you want instant gratification you can listen from this webpage.

I shall be back in the not too distant future I’m sure. Just as soon as this period of crazy workload is over. I miss you all!