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2018 Mustang; I've sent my spec to a broker, lets see where I go from here.

2018 Mustang; I've sent my spec to a broker, lets see where I go from here. - Blog

Mustang? I thought you had your heart set on a Kia Stinger

I did, but circumstances come and go, and new opportunities present themselves constantly. This particular opportunity was a £3200 saving on a new 2018 GT via a speciality Broker. Ironically, it was the Stinger owner forum that told me about them (whoops).

That’s all well and good, but you said the Stinger was a great car and that you’d have one before a 2018 Pony

This is true, but I redact that previous statement because of three deciding factors. The first is that the Kia has bi-yearly service intervals. No, I’m not joking; the Kia needs a service every six months or 6,000 miles. That’s AMG levels of bothersome and potential expense. The second was the Mustang coming pretty well equipped from the factory in the UK. The third deciding factor was the V8. I said in my previous Stinger GTS blog post that the V8 in the Mustang was a master class and, when one passed me on the motorway singing its devilish song, I was hooked on eight cylinders of power once more.

So the Mustang comes well equipped in the UK? How well is “well” ?

The Premium Pack and Level 1 Performance Pack the USA have to pay extra for are standard fit from the Factory. Heated wheel, leather everything, LEDs everywhere, six piston breaks, electric seats, sync 3, rear sensors and camera, wider wheels, electronic nannies like Adaptive Cruise, digital cluster and even more beside, are all here without having to tick a single option box.

As a nice treat, the $900 switch-mode exhaust is also standard equipment. Track Mode (aka: very, very loud mode) is too tantalising a proposition. Proper daytime running lights in the headlamp cluster and functional bonnet vents are finally included on the UK pony.

The only equipment it lacks over the Stinger is a sunroof, an “around view” camera and climate controlled seats, all three of which I can happily do without.

That’s a lot of goodies! So, what spec are you getting?

Shadow Black, Rear Wing, MagneRide and Row-My-Own gears. A classic combination (except the MagneRide, that’s not so classic, but very good non-the-less). Finger’s crossed the finance deal comes back to my liking.