Why you should Replace Faulty Wipers at the earliest

The windshield is one of the most important components of your car. They lend structural support to the vehicle’s roof and provide security to the vehicle when maintained properly. The vision of the driver directly relates to the efforts a car owner puts into maintaining a windshield.

Some of the most popular car manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel etc. make cars that are safe to drive on Indian roads. Keeping the Mitsubishi car glass safe and repairing and replacing them when damaged is the car owner’s responsibility and must not be avoided.

Why you should Replace Faulty Wipers at the earliest - Mitsubishi Lancer EVO Forum

One of the most common reasons for car glass damage is the continuous use of faulty wipers. Worn out wiper blades reduce the visibility through the glass. This is a major safety hazard for the driver and the other passengers. While replacing the car’s wipers is a relatively simple and inexpensive job, Honda, Opel, Nissan or Mitsubishi windshield replacement will be much more complicated and expensive. Changing the wiper blades takes only a few minutes and is often not covered by insurance.

<b>Problems caused by faulty wipers: </b>

Scratches on the windshield
Small chips or cracks on the windshield
Sunlight reflection on the windshield causing blurred vision
Water streaks and marks on the windshield
Failure to clear water or dew from the front glass
Wiper blades incur damage from sun’s harsh rays, gradual wear and tear, salt, rain, dust, and debris. Worn out wiper blades cause streaks and scratches on the windshield. If left unchanged, windshield damage increases over time.

<b>You know it is the right time to replace wiper blades when -</b>

They start to skip sections of the windshield
Remain off from the original position
Cause squeaking sounds
Causes discoloration or streaks on the windshield
Causes chips or cracks on the windshield
Windshield wipers need to be changed every six months even if they do not cause damage. The rubber blades of wipers wear off with time. When the rubber wears off it exposes the metal wipers which rub against the glass. The resultant streaks or cracks leave the car windshield exposed to the accumulation of dust and debris and therefore, further damage. Rainwater or dew also collects in these scratches and the wiper will be unable to clean it. Just as oil in the engine needs to be changed regularly and the car needs to be serviced from time to time, windshield wipers also need replacement in due time.
Windshields are one of the most important but ignored components of the car. Ensure that the car’s auto glasses are cleaned regularly with specialized products and scratch free wipes. Use windshield sprays and ensure that the glasses are maintained to keep the car and its occupants safe.

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