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How to Install Side Window Deflectors on a Toyota #Tacoma

Video tutorial on how to install window deflectors on a first generation Toyota Tacoma extended cab, this is a 2001 model. This video is sponsored by AutoPartsWay, they have supplied me with the window deflectors required for the installation. This truck did have deflectors when I purchased in, but unfortunately the driver’s side was missing and another was broken. They are great for keeping down blowing wind when the windows are open. They also help keep rain out when the windows are open a couple inches and I personally think also adds to the aesthetics of the truck visually.

AutoPartsWay (Canada): https://www.autopartsway.ca/partlist.cfm?toyota/2001/tacoma/s~runner/3.4l-v6/allb/body/glass,-windows-and-related-components/side-window-vent/pagenum1/tabs
AutoPartsWay (US): https://www.autopartsway.com/partlist.cfm?toyota/2001/tacoma/s~runner/3.4l-v6/allb/body/glass,-windows-and-related-components/side-window-vent/pagenum1/tabs

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