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How to Inspect a Vehicle's Frame for Rust

Video tutorial on how to inspect a frame for rust, this can be used on your vehicles or if you’re purchasing a vehicle. As some of you know, I live in Canada, specifically the rust belt where salt is used and this can do quite a bit of damage over the years. While this example is being done on a full-frame vehicle, the same process can also be used to inspect unibody vehicles too as they do have enclosed structural components and subframes. #oemtools #frame #rust

Hammer Set: https://www.mobiledistributorsupply.com/3-piece-dead-blow-hammer-set-1
LED Light: https://www.mobiledistributorsupply.com/24607-oemtools-24607-professional-rechargeable-flashlight-with-dual-function-led-uv-inspection-light-oem

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