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The Mustang’s Success is pushing General Motors for new UK and Australian models

The Mustang’s Success is pushing General Motors for new UK and Australian models - Blog

The Ford Mustang is an unmitigated success. Tens of thousands are sold every year outside of the United States, making it the most popular sports car in the world. Ford took a massive gamble, and they’re reaping the rewards via fat stacks of cash and poster child status.

General Motors, Ford’s long-time Detroit stablemate, has had fewer good fortunes and is still in the midst of a massive restructuring effort to return to profitability. They’ve axed Holden production down under and sold their entire European division to PSA Peugeot Citroen group. Europe is a gigantic market, yet GM were doing so poorly they saw fit to axe the majority of it off, leaving only Cadillac and Chevrolet Performance.

However, General Motors have been keeping a very close eye on the Mustang. Why? Right Hand Drive. The General has learned from their past mistakes in the late-2000s when they attempted to push several models into international markets without Right Hand support. Despite the majority of the world using left hand drive, 78 countries still drive with the wheel on the right, and they tend to be more affluent (or have a new emerging middle class such as India) and drive sales as a result.

In Europe, nearly 12,000 Mustangs were sold in 2017. 41% of those were for the United Kingdom, whilst Australia in the same year sold 6000 of them, and both countries still have a 6 to twelve month waiting list for back orders. When only two countries buy only a few hundred cars less than Continental Europe and China combined, you know you’re onto something good.

Cadillac relaunching in Europe was met with little fan-fare (but their sales are apparently improving). However, Dan Ammann, GM President, has stated quite clearly that Europe “and in particular the UK” [sic] will be pivotal to Cadillac’s success and, if sales are good, will be launching the luxury marque in Australia and New Zealand. Likewise, Al Oppenheiser, the chief Engineer for the Chevrolet Camaro, has stated that a Right Hand Drive model is being considered. Camaros already being sent to GM India for research and development into placing the wheel on the other side of the car, which probably means it’s more likely than you’d think.

As a bonus, the Aussies may even get the Silverado sold in Holden dealerships(Bogan Intensifies)

The Mustang’s Success is pushing General Motors for new UK and Australian models - Blog