I'm Rebranding All Of My Social Media Accounts - Here's Why

I'm Rebranding All Of My Social Media Accounts - Here's Why - Blog

“The Stig’s German Cousin” is no more. After two and a half years, I’m changing my identity on all platforms across the internet. And yes, I know this sounds mad, but hear me out.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, but I just couldn’t come up with a replacement name. I still wanted it to be original, after all. Then, a couple of weeks ago, it finally came to me: “German Perfectionist”. Exactly what I had written in my Car Throttle and YouTube biography for years. There simply isn’t any other term that describes me better - I literally am “that” German Perfectionist. And once I noticed that both the according e-mail address and Instagram account were still up for grabs (which is close to a miracle), I decided to go for it.

I'm Rebranding All Of My Social Media Accounts - Here's Why - Blog

But why on earth did I want to change my identity in the first place? Well, there are several reasons for that. I first decided to use “The Stig’s German Cousin” back in June 2016 when I joined Car Throttle, where I saw many people calling themselves “The Stig’s whatever Cousin”, and I figured I’d do that as well. I was a huge Top Gear fan at the time, and I thought it seemed appropriate. But times have changed.

Car Throttle was my first proper step into the internet. But since this platform has more or less grenaded itself, I am planning Stage 2, and that mainly involves my YouTube channel which I want to focus on a bit more now. And, let’s just say: If my YouTube channel ever gets at least somewhat popular, I don’t want it to have a name copyrighted by the BBC and a profile picture which I more or less nicked from an “I am the Stig” sticker. I know it’s unlikely that the BBC would take legal actions against me, but I wanna stay safe. Just in case.

Second of all: Top Gear has turned into a show which I don’t necessarily want to be related with my identity anymore. Clarkson, Hammond and May (and the Stig, of course) was pure gold, undoubtably the best car show on earth - “new” Top Gear just can’t live up to that. Yes, the show has improved quite a bit lately, but I’d still take The Grand Tour over it any day.

And well, third of all, there are some complications regarding Google accounts and email addresses, which I just want to settle once and for all. I don’t necessarily want the Google account that’s used for my YouTube channel to include my full name, and since Google won’t let you change that, the only possibility is to start over with an all new Google profile. Which I have - and I’ve intertwined it with my old channel in a way that I kept all of my subscribers and videos (and you could probably still find out my IRL name if you really wanted to).

Also, don’t worry about me leaving Car Throttle - whilst I haven’t had the time to post anything lately, and as mentioned will be focusing more on other platforms in the future, I will still be around on here, reading stuff, commenting, maybe occasionally even writing my own articles again. However, I really don’t think this platform has a future - I’ve heard of some really bad behind the scenes stuff (and no, I’m not going to tell you what it’s about or whom I got it from, sorry). All I’ll say is: If the Car Throttle team doesn’t get their sh*t together to fix all this, our beloved platform will be dead, and I sincerely hope that won’t be the case.

What do you guys think of the rebranding? Also, I’ve updated the links to my social media accounts, check them out below!
Tobi aka The Stig’s… oh, hang on… Tobi aka German Perfectionist :D

My new social media links:
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