So this happened...

So this happened... - BMW E46 3-series Forum

Nope, I haven’t put the M3 on air ride, my wheel actually fell off. I have a feeling it’s down to user error rather than a failed part as, coincidentally, Edwin and I had fitted my coilovers the night before.

So this happened... - BMW E46 3-series Forum

The likelihood is that I either didn’t tighten the wheel bolts correctly, or I didn’t seat the wheel spacer correctly, which is what caused the spacer to become very un-hubcentric.

Luckily it happened at a very slow speed, I actually thought I only had a flat tyre until I got out of the car and saw my rear looking hellaflush. Fortunately there was no huge damage, it just needs a new wheel hub as the wheel falling off has chewed up one of the threads in the hub. It could have been a lot worse!