I'm Back, And Have Never Left: A Personal Post About Why I've Stopped Making Personal Posts That Bases On The Assumption That Next To Nobody Will Care Yet Is Aimed Precisely At The Next To No People That Oh My God Just Read The Damn Post Already

I am, apparently, back.
I say apparently because it was just now, as I went to create a new post, that I realized my last post was from three week- wait, what? Months?!
Three months ago! Well then! I had no idea!
Well, then, I guess I had to say something about this, as I couldn’t fault someone for assuming I’d just left.
I haven’t! I’ve been active, here and there, I’ve been commenting and replying, I just… I don’t know… I used to make a post on here whenever something of any vague relevance in my life happened, often times even if it wasn’t really all that automotive related. It was kind of my personal diary, in a way. My car diary. My caiary.
However, as in more recent times I had a look at my old posts, it wasn’t with the warm acknowledgement of just how much time has passed that usually accompanies the reading of an old diary. Rather, it was with one, embarrassing thought repeating itself over and over: “Gee, look at how convinced I was someone cared!” So, at the end of the day, that’s why I stopped posting as often: I just got used to assuming nobody cares about my personal experiences and kept them to myself, posting only when I had something to say, ask, or answer.
Like, I literally went to two JDM meets, something I would’ve written five excited blogposts about “in the old days”, but now, the tedious process of painstakingly uploading a gallery in the three digits outweighs the, like, 4 people who’ll actually care about the pictures any bit (“Wut? Ya got 321 followers!” some might say, but at best 10% of my posts get a tenth(!) of that in upvotes, so what’re those worth?).
At the end of the day, everyone’s better off with that: I spare myself the time to share those experiences and get to live them better and you don’t get flooded with my rambling on events that are meaningful for me but not really interesting to anyone else. I have however had a couple blogposts up my sleeve for a while, so I’ll see what I can do to get those out there. Hopefully coming, hopefully soon.
One of them is going to be up in a matter of minutes! It’s probably the one that’s had to wait the longest, and, if the past is anything to go by, it’ll make lots of people angry… hehehe :D See you there!