By the way, I stickerbombed a Dacia Sandero.

Dacia - By the way, I stickerbombed a Dacia Sandero. - Funny

A friend of momma got a Stepway (thanks to my advice, may I humbly add) and she’s very pleased.
Thing is, she struggles to recognize it in parking lots. We’re not talking “Oh, it took me getting closer than 20m to recognize it was another car” bad, we’re talking “Oh, someone showed up while I cleared my windshield from snow and it dawned to me that wasn’t my car” bad.
Do not for one second think I have a clue as to how that could be possible.
Nevertheless, such a thing will occur no longer!
Plus, she really loves the result (it’s a rather unique modification here in the Alps) and, through the bad times, I can think about how a mother of two is riding around in a car with a Black Sabbath sticker thanks to me, and feel joy again.