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Old DTM - Motorsport

DTM was amongst my favorite racing series in the 1980s you had 190e’s dominating and those battles with Alfa Romero and in the 1990s you had Mercedes once again crushing the competition but when 2014 hit it started to go down hill. The bodykits got ugly. The wings became obnoxious. They looked nothing like their street cousins. Now i got to say the BMW M4 DTM dosent look terrible but Mercedes on the other hand errrrr. The thing is yea you need more aero to compete and more power but i think you shouldn’t take away the driving feel i have no problem with modern day tech in cars i thinks its awesome that BMW and Mercedes are innovating but racing is different. Racing has been about the Cars potential and the mans limits. Now and days the car is mainly doing all the work and the person is just playing a simulation game not actually feeling the raw force of those 400+ Horsepowers being pushed to the rear wheels. The modern days F1 are a example of that. Before lotus and other car makers had a more mean look to them they got character and not over styled splitters. Now we have a F1 car the length of a school bus and a width of a popsicle. The splitter is as big as a go-kart and the wing can be used as a Picnic bench for a date. All I’m sayin is I’m nostalgic of the old times and i think they should bring back the raw feel of some cars