My (edited) #F1PredictionsGame

World Constructors Championship Predictions:

  1. Scuderia Ferrari
    Their engine is clearly right up at the Mercedes level, and they seem to be more comfortable with temperatures.
  2. Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team
    They definitely have the pace, however they just seem to lack championship material this season.
  3. Aston Martin Red Bull Racing
    Red Bull will be right up next to Mercedes, however without a better engine they will still be behind.
  4. Renault Sport F1
    Renault definitely looks strong, with Hülkenberg never finishing lower than 7th by the 3rd race. Very strong package.
  5. Mclaren-Renault
    Mclaren will be one of the leaders in the midfield in terms of development rate, and with brilliant drivers they are sure to take some nice points and possibly a podium.
  6. Haas F1
    Really good car, however they don’t seem to be as consistent, and Grosjean isn’t getting the points that people might expect.
  7. Force India F1
    They have a strong engine, but they need to improve their car quickly if they want to get back to their original spot.
  8. Toro Rosso-Honda
    Also pretty inconsistent, Honda may have the power but lack reliability in some cases.
  9. Sauber-Alfa Romeo
    Sauber has gotten a lot better than last season, especially with a strong new power unit, helping them score points very early on. Hopefully they’ll get more, but they still lack to chassis to be competing with the top of the midfield.
  10. Williams Martini Racing
    What has this team become? The only strong point about this team is the car and the pit crew, everything else has pretty much fallen.

World Drivers Championship Predictions:

  1. Vettel
    Clearly the number 1 driver for Ferrari, they will literally do anything to Räikkönen to make him win. With this year’s car as well, Vettel should be champion. Expect a fight from Mercedes however.
  2. Bottas
    Despite being number 2 driver, Bottas has proved himself recently, outqualifying Hamilton twice during the season already. And because Mercedes doesn’t do what Ferrari does with their drivers, Bottas could be on that number 2 spot.
  3. Hamilton
    He currently isn’t on form, and there could be a possible feud between him and Mercedes at the moment, as he lacked race pace in the most recent race.

1 A1: Every team will score at least 1 point this year
There will definitely be at least one track where Williams will get lucky, such as Azerbaijan last year. This will likely be one of the more speed oriented tracks, such as Italy. We also don’t know if drivers may be switched mid-season.

1 B1: At least 15 drivers will take engine grid penalties.
3 is obviously not enough, teams were already struggling last year with 4.

1 D3: Exactly 3 teams will get a race win.
I don’t think that any team other than the top 3 teams will have the car to really challenge for the lead, unless some crash or engine failures cause all 6 cars of the top 3 teams to retire.

3 B2: Red Bull switch to Honda power for 2019.
They will most likely follow the steps of Toro Rosso, seeing the performances of Honda and the reliability, especially with their relationship with Renault at the moment.

3 C3: All cars suffer engine grid drop penalties at some point.
Basically an extension of 1 B1.

100 A1: Mercedes win 3 or fewer races.
With challenges from Ferrari and Red Bull, Mercedes hasn’t won a single race yet. I doubt they would have more than 3, with the aggressive strategies that the other 2 teams use.

100 A4: There is a race with zero on-track overtakes after the first lap.
We’ve seen this last year, is it possible that it will happen at Monaco?

500 A3: A major scandal causes a team to be excluded from the WCC.
Haas should be the main focus point here, as many other teams are saying that its pretty much an SF70H with 2018 restrictions. However, what If the Ferrari International Assistance was only waiting for Ferrari to win the constructors championship so they could be excluded for team order related things, breaking pretty much every Ferrari fan’s heart?

500 C3: A driver wins with a one-stop strategy using hyper soft and ultra soft tyres.
We’ve seen Vettel maintain the lead on soft tyres for 40 laps at Bahrain, surely we can see if a driver will try to last that many with 2 of the softest compounds at Monaco.

500 B4: Honda power 3 or more teams in 2018.
Toro Rosso will surely continue, with Red Bull likely following suit. Mclaren, could possibly return to Honda, but other teams that aren’t works teams may consider switching.