So I did some stuff to the wagon.

So I did some stuff to the wagon. - Toyota Corolla Forum

I had this spoiler lying around for quite a while now. It’s the spoiler of the Carib Sprinter, a car only sold in Japan. I was a bit scared to drill in my trunk but everything worked out well. The best thing about the spoiler is that it has a 3rd brake light. The ugly cluncky thing that the wagon has from factory can go now.

Some other things I did:

  • I bought a trimmed handbrake lever to fit with the leather gaiter and leather armrest a while back. So I found the time to instal it.
  • installed mudflaps which I painted in bodycolour.
  • I glued the rubbers of the front lights back on.
  • I installed the a-pillar caps for the tweeters. I don’t have the composet yet because of the lockdown.
  • I test-fitted the 16” TTE wheels. They need new tires though, so this will be revisited after the lockdown.
  • I bought original roofrack carriers and installed them.