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1999 Mercedes Benz C 200 CDI Esprit S202

Mercedes Benz - 1999 Mercedes Benz C 200 CDI Esprit S202 - Garage

Bought due to need of a bigger boot and now this car serves as a daily / workhorse.
Needs a few bits and bobs, will be sorting out as time goes (front bumper is obviously from a preface model, will change to original spec facelift one).
As for performance it has an okay 102 horses and very okay 235 Newtons… …and ASR, which is a traction control you can’t completely turn off, unless you mess with the system which is connected to the ABS. So no really safe way to turn it off but it does have a less restrictive setting which actually makes it feel like it’s off even tho it’s not.
I hated the ASR system until I saw what it’s capable of.
Mainly I live in a village with very steep hills, and the old W202 we had with similar power but no ASR, couldn’t go up the hill to our house even with brand spanking new winter tires.
This thing however made it, with summer tires, thanks to the traction control system.
Pretty cool, but I’d still rather have traction control that can be turned off completely.