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Car Art


TSV M24 - Car Art

More than half a year ago, I posted a render of the TSV M24. Well in that time, I’ve had this done. Let me know your thoughts and such, and make sure to like @tsv_motor on instagram!

TSV M24 - Car Art

Rear of the M24

TSV M24 - Car Art

The M24 would use either the K20Z3 or K24Z7 as a base motor tuned to 220PS, 240PS, and 260PS, and the K20C1 as a higher trim motor with 320PS. It would weigh under a ton thanks to an aluminium spaceframe with carbon panels.

TSV M24 - Car Art

Trim levels are as follows

220GT - Base model using a K20Z3 or K24Z7 tuned to 220PS. Comes with a 6MT. Cloth seats, apple CarPlay, required US safety equipment. Starting at $34,990

240GTS - everything above and an engine tuned to 240PS. You get better tires and an LSD, with optional leather seats and other interior goodies. Starting at $37,495

RS260 - everything above and an engine tuned to 260PS. Sticky tyres, LSD, optional rollcage, weight reduction, optional wing, better aero, stiffer suspension, optional magneride, forged wheels, brembo brakes, basically the GT3 of the range. Starting at $39,990

Turbo - A more comfortable, GTish model with a K20C1 making 320PS. Everything you get on the 240GTS plus optional power seats, targa option, optional magneride suspension, Brembo brakes, and forged wheels. Starting at $47,990

Turbo+ - everything you get on the Turbo, with an engine tuned to 350PS. Starting at $52,520


Length: 3990mm
Width: 1750mm
Height: 1240mm
Wheelbase: 2500mm

Uses double wishbones at the front and MacPherson struts at the rear. Would weigh between 850~900kg.