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I could be in another Mustang in a few months.

The day I collected my Mustang GT. March 31st 2016.
The day I collected my Mustang GT. March 31st 2016.

As everyone may or may-not know, 2017 was a very bad year for me, what with health issues making clutch work difficult, and getting unceremoniously fired with no prior warning, necessitating the sale of Micky, my FiveOh Ford Mustang GT.

As its replacement, I bought a Kia Optima as it was dirt cheap to buy, run and insure. The Optima is a great car, don’t get me wrong, but the Mustang is still sorely missed.

Well, as it turns out, Ford UK have an overstock of Mustangs; sales dropped off late 2017 as buyers eagerly await the face-lifted MY18 model (as evidenced by the sharp up-tick in pre-orders for them). Ford, in order to shift stock, have given MY17 cars 0% APR finance, with some buyers reportedly receiving hefty discounts of several thousand on both V8 and Ecoboost models. With my new job supplying a more than noticeable pay increase and my health issues fixed, I am now in a position where I could, once again, be driving a V8 Muscle Car. With the current deals available, I’d be paying less per month than I previously was for my MY15 car, and new tax rates means I’ll have less to pay to the government for emissions duty, too.

All in all, I could be back in a Mustang quicker than I originally anticipated. Hopefully there will still be cars left to buy in stock when I come to buy.

Likewise, I could also be in a new Stinger GTS with a little bank-loan shenanigans.