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Car Art

Velstyde Pacific - another car I designed

Velstyde Pacific - another car I designed - Car Art

So I made this thing within a week as a final project for a 3D modelling subject at Uni. The goal was to model an object with at least 3 components (pathetic) and make renders of it to a)present the product in a white background, b) show the product in context, c) show interaction or use of the object. I had to prepare a lot of other things at the same time so it’s not my best design ever, but considering it was modelled in a Siemens software, it’s not too bad (I say this after getting the maximum score, lol.)

The final renders were made with Blender Cycles for those interested. What I did learn was to integrate the car in the picture (still getting the hang of it but I think it’s decent). Anyways here are the rest of pictures, hope you like it.

Also, my other stuff is here if anyone wanted to see by chance (would appreciate anyone dropping by):