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I designed my own ugly concept car

I designed my own ugly concept car - Car Art

This is the Urban Coupé SUV Sports Cross. It is 3m wide, 2.5m tall and 5.5m long. The SUV Sports Cross is a 4-seater car and has 200L of boot space (the VW UP! has 250L). I haven’t decided what engine to put in it but It will have fake V8 engine noise coming out from the speakers anyway. It will also have loads of fake vents and air intakes. Fuel economy will be somewhere between 1 and 5 MPG. And, of course, the SUV Sports Cross will be loaded with tech; parking assist, lane assist, wiper assist, automatic air conditioning assist, brake assist, self-opening door assist, autonomous driving assist, tailgating assist, middle finger assist - and that’s not all: the SUV Sports Cross will have 10 touch-screens all around the cabin and a train horn for road presence.

If you have any more ideas of how I could make it uglier comment below.