My First Car Review Although I Don't Have A Car nor A License

Well, I just want to start of by saying that this for fun and please excuse my horrible writing. Now a review… although I don’t drive a car nor have a license to even be on the roads, I’ve always wanted to write a review on cars, ever since I can remember I binged watched Top Gear ever since the YouTube account was a thing and was saying words like “Lamborghini or Ferrari” as my first words as a child. Well before writing this article per say I was just reading through my Physics textbook and slowly looking at my iPad at Alex’s review on “Living with a F-Type” so I thought that I should write one on my own thus I shall write on a car that my mum drives “ A 2017 (actually 2016) Nissan Tiida (or Versa as you call it there as I live in the UAE) and I’ll be telling you my experiences with it and how it feels to drive it… on a sandpit in a residential area, making sure that cops won’t come…

Well here it is, and I have to say, it doesn’t look that bad
Well here it is, and I have to say, it doesn’t look that bad

Well there it is !, although the one we have is in red and is the complete base version of the car, without sat-nav nor the leather seats nor the volume controls on the steering wheel .In fact there’s noting which is on the car that is interesting.

First of all lets start with the engine: its a 1.8, 4 banger which just produces a potent 128 bhp and 174 Nm of torque which is perfectly fine for your basic, average hatchback and is perfectly enough power to merge onto the highway (motorway) with no issues. Although there’s one issue.. its mated to a CVT or Nissan’s “XTRONIC CVT” which is a CVT nevertheless. The other day actually when we were going to Dubai, we merged onto the highway and the car was just freaking out as we were staying at a steady 80 - 90 kph (50 - 55ish mph) and the CVT was completely clueless on what to do I was just staring at the rev-counter and the transmission was trying to make a gear but it was just moving up and down, it was rubbish. The one and only thing I liked with the engine and CVT was that on the gear leaver was a little button which at first I thought it was a Gear Lock or something that locks your gears on an auto, but it turned out it was a sport button which actually improved throttle response better and is best when merging on the highway when you want to match the speeds really quickly other than that it doesn’t do anything else. The engine and transmission overall is still pretty good to prowl around the city and gives out a good 25 - 30 mpg but if you are using this car on the highway be sure that it won’t be that great.

This is what the Interior of the Tiida looks like... (its pretty bland)

My First Car Review Although I Don't Have A Car nor A License - Readers' Reviews

Well the Interior as you can see is pretty bland, its filled with cheap plastics and complete cloth seats, it’s pretty much what’d you would expect for a cheap hatchback. The seats are decently comfortable and is perfectly fine if your tall. It to is durable so wear and tear won’t be noticed after a long while (5-10 years).

The Verdict

My First Car Review Although I Don't Have A Car nor A License - Readers' Reviews

Overall the car is a good, cheap, reliable hatchback if your on a tight budget. Its great prowling around the city and alright on the highway. It too is also not a bad looking car, so that’s my verdict obviously it’s not going to be as brilliant as an ACTUAL Car Reviewer but I hope that it is good enough.
Thanks For Reading.
Josh Ferreira