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Is your Premium Car ready for the Rains?

Is your Premium Car ready for the Rains? - General

The worst thing for a premium vehicle is to incur damage during the monsoon. The slightest of cracks in your BMW 5 series windshield can spell additional trouble for the interiors of the car. Water can cause all sorts of damage including the accumulation of mould in the car seats. They can ruin the internal systems and electronics of your luxury vehicle and increase the long-term expenditure associated with maintenance of your car.

Checking tyres and pressure

One of the first things to check for during the rainy season is tyres. You don’t want your tyres to deflate or suddenly slip on the wet roads. Luxury vehicles run well on wet roads but the tyres could cause problems if not maintained properly.

Both usage and quality of the tyres must be monitored prior to taking them on wet roads, so that the engine doesn’t have to work harder to maintain speed or manage control. It’s generally a good idea to change the tyres after a few years but that largely depends on the kilometres you clock in those years. Also, it’s important to make sure you check the air pressure in the tyres every other weekend.

Make sure to get the wheels balances and get their alignment done every time the car goes for a service.

Windshield and windshield wipers

The most important component to be careful of is the windshield itself. To ensure the prime condition of the BMW X5 windshield for a long time, it’s imperative to keep it clean and dirt free. Even if there are chips or scratches caused due to on-road rubble, you need to get the windshield repaired if it causes visual disturbance.

The car front glass price depends on the model and the make of the car. Remember to replace the wiper blades if they are worn-out right before the rains begin. This will ensure that you don’t face any problems with visibility.

Oil, coolant, fluids, and mechanism

Finally, follow the schedule prepared by the company officials to maintain its functionality. Get all the essentials of your premium car checked including the oil, coolant levels, brake fluids, and the brake and accelerator performance.

Make a note of the changes in these levels each month. If the change is too rapid or you’re required to refill the coolant quite often, then there might be leakages.

Get it fixed at the earliest or your car might break down during a drive in the rain.